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My Story

What You Need To Know

Putting myself out there in such a public manner is not always easy, but I’ve found that the more I do the easier it is. I enjoy having such a great opportunity to share the things I love, the places I discover and some of my most personal moments with a growing loyal community.

Eleni, a spirited yoga instructor, embraces the interconnectedness of body, mind, and space-time. Teaching since 2018 with a health sciences degree, she guides students through transformative yoga experiences. Her classes emphasize mindful breathing, precise movements, and strength development, cultivating curiosity and fortifying the mind-body relationship. Off the mat, Eleni savors moments in nature, enjoying surfing, snowboarding, and examining diverse plants, fungi, and minerals.


I consider this platform an ongoing creation with so much potential to grow and evolve, and I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts. If you want to discuss my work or possible collaborations, hear more about my journey or simply

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